Slide Mask & Temperature Detection Access Control & Attendance

COVID-19, The New Norm

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring safety of people in public places like factories, offices, malls, shops, gyms, places of worship, education institutions, airports, etc is the most crucial and tough objective. To prevent cross infection and virus spreads, most of the places are currently relying on manual detection procedures to control the pandemic which requires large number of staff that is costly and does not provide a robust and sustainable method. 

Automated and Reliable Solution

WOW Technologies has the perfect, cost-effective and automated solution for all kinds of small, medium and large size businesses and organisations to detect, prevent and manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Thermal Cameras keeps your employees safe and your business operations running.

Body Temperature Detection

Set the body temperature threshold to identify person with fever or with certain temperature

Mask Detection

Recognise if a person is wearing a mask or not and then logs the result and notify authorities

Intelligent Face Recognition

Face detection and identification with deep learning algorithm to recognize a face

Voice Notification

Notifies by voice if any present rules have been violated such as mask detection, fever detection etc.

Auto Attendance

Combined with face recognition, it automatically keeps attendance of people



WT-V900 is state-of-the-art Thermal Image Sensor that provide accurate temperature readings accurately. It also detects masks and can be used for Access Control using the facial recognition technology. As businesses are opening up, tough measures are required to make sure things remain normal and the spread of COVID-19 could be avoided. WT-V900 is a fully automated system that not only detects Mask and Tempreature but also provides Access Control and Time Management through Facial Recognition.

Product Features

  • Access control & time management with facial recognition software and database
  • Mask detection
  • Temperature detection range 35°C – 42°C
  • 8-inch LCD with 2MP wide-angle dual lens
  • Realtime on-screen body temperature display
  • High definition display screen at 920×1080 @30fps
  • Contactless accurate body temperature detection within + 0.3°C for single point of entry/exit
  • Can be mounted on a stand, wall or pedestal
  • Connects to PC and supports HTTP connection
  • Notify by Voice for any exceptions i.e., not wearing mask, fever/high temperature, face not recognised in the database)

Thermal & Optical BI-Spectrum Camera

WT-V1800 is one of the most accurate Thermal Cameras available in the market that not only detects temperature of random people but also checks if they are wearing mask. As businesses are opening up, tough measures are required to make sure things remain normal and the spread of COVID-19 could be avoided. WT-V1800 is a fully automated system that not only detects Temperature but also Mask of up to 25 people at 3m distance.

Product Features

  • Highly accurate thermal module with 256×192 res.
  • Temperature range from -15°C to + 150°C
  • 2MP high resolution optical module
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview
  • Records and logs data on NVR (up to 4 cameras)
  • Built-in fever detection of up to 25 people in 3M distance
  • FoV Thermal: 35° x 27° (H x V)
  • FOV Optical: 84° x 45° (H x V)
  • Image Sensor: 1/2 8″ 2.0 MP CMOS
  • NETD: Less than 60mK (@25°C)